Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sweet Valley High #62 Who's Who?, #63 The New Elizabeth, and #64 The Ghost of Tricia Martin

In Sweet Valley High #62, Who's Who?, Jessica has become bored with all of the boys at Sweet Valley High.  She signs up for a dating service using two fake names.  She creates two different personalities that are wildly different in hopes of finding boys that are different.  Jessica gets a match for both of her alter egos.  She begins dating both boys.

One night Jessica finds that she has a date with both boys, so she has Elizabeth stand in for her.  The girls eat at the same restaurant with their dates and switch with each other several times throughout the evening.

It's odd and rather nice for Liz and Jess to be shopping together at the mall in the beginning of this story.  They usually do not go shopping together.

I overall enjoyed this book, but I found it rather stupid.

In Sweet Valley High #63, The New Elizabeth, Liz is tired of everyone thinking that she is predictable.  She signs up for surfing lessons and takes them in secret.  She plans to enter a surfing competition.  Everything is going great, except that Liz's instructor seems to be falling in love with her.  Meanwhile, Todd is getting annoyed that Liz is spending so much time on a secret project.

The surfing lessons bored me.  I'm not interested in lots of detail about how to surf.

I did not like this book very much.

In Sweet Valley High #64, The Ghost of Tricia Martin, Steven meets a girl who looks just like Tricia.  Andrea even seems to have the same interests as Tricia!  Steven feels like Tricia has returned to him, and he immediately begins dating Andrea without letting Cara know.  Steven's infatuation with Andrea may cause him to lose Cara forever.

Steven looks like an idiot on the cover.  He never looks directly straight ahead.  He always looks down or off to the side with a dumb look on his face.

I never do enjoy the books about Cara and Steven having problems.

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