Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sweet Valley High #45 Family Secrets, On the Run, and #46 Decisions

In Sweet Valley High #45, Family Secrets, cousin Kelly comes to visit the Wakefields.  Kelly is unhappy that her mother plans to remarry, and Kelly's mother hopes that Kelly can adjust to the idea while she stays with the Wakefields.

Kelly idolizes her father, who is abusive, but that fact has been hidden from Kelly.  Liz and Jess wish that they could tell Kelly the truth, but they have been forbidden from telling her.

I found it interesting that Kelly falls in a love with a boy who has the same manipulative personality as her father.

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High Super Thriller, On the Run, Liz and Jess continue to work as interns during the summer at the newspaper.  Liz becomes friendly with Eric Hankman, who just arrived in Sweet Valley.  Jessica's friend, Darcy, thinks she recognizes Eric, and she soon believes that Eric is a murderer.  Jessica fears for Liz's safety.

I did not like this book.  It bored me.

In Sweet Valley High #46, Decisions, Robin Wilson's rich aunt will pay for her college tuition, but Robin is required to go to her aunt's alma mater.  Robin's boyfriend, George, takes for granted that Robin would rather stay in Sweet Valley instead of doing what her aunt wants.  Robin feels like neither George nor her aunt cares about what she thinks.

Jessica is hired by Alex Kane to watch over his younger sister.  Alex is a serious music student who practices for hours each day.  He needs Jessica to watch his sister so that he can practice.

I wanted to slap Jessica during this story.  Jessica falls in love with Alex and does everything she can to distract him from his music.  She can't understand why Alex is so involved in his music and won't pay attention to her.  Think, Jessica.  Why were you hired?

I enjoyed this book.

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