Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sweet Valley High #47 Troublemaker, #48 Slam Book Fever, and #49 Playing for Keeps

In Sweet Valley High #47, Troublemaker, Julie Porter has fallen for Bruce Patman.  Julie's friend, Josh Bowen, is pledging Bruce's fraternity, and he knows how arrogant and mean Bruce Patman really is.  Josh is certain that Bruce is using Julie, but she will not listen.

Bruce's fraternity hazes the pledges in Sweet Valley High between classes and at lunch.  Apparently, Sweet Valley High has no adult supervision, so students can bully each other all the time.

Bruce is quite cruel in this story.

This is a very good book.

In Sweet Valley High #48, Slam Book Fever, Amy Sutton introduces slam books to Sweet Valley High.  Students create lists for different topics, then they anonymously write in the names of other classmates.  Liz and Jeffrey are soon in danger of breaking up, because their names have been paired with others in the slam books.

On page 73, Liz is upset about the possibility of losing Jeffrey.  She tells herself that "she certainly wasn't going to sit at home and mope!"  Please don't.  I had quite enough of Liz moping when she lost Todd.

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #49, Playing for Keeps, Jessica has fallen hard for A.J. Morgan.  A.J. is Jessica's first serious boyfriend, and she is scared that she will lose him.  Jessica thinks that A.J. only likes her because he thinks she is like Liz, so Jessica tries to act like a shy girl who is heavily involved in all sorts of serious activities.

Jessica has competition for A.J.'s heart when Pamela, a student from Whitehead Academy, schemes to take A.J. away from her.  Maybe there's something wrong with me, but each time I read the name Whitehead Academy, I thought of pimples.  I'd hate to go to a school named after pimples.

I enjoyed seeing Lila, Cara, and Amy all united in trying to help Jessica.  In particular, I liked seeing Lila help her.  So often, Jessica and Lila fight, so this was a welcome change.

This is a very good book.

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A said...

Some of my all time favorites. 'Slam Book Fever' was one of the first SVH books I've read and one of my favorites.