Monday, December 18, 2017

Sweet Valley High #55 Perfect Shot, #56 Lost at Sea, and Deadly Summer

In Sweet Valley High #55, Perfect Shot, Shelley Novak is an excellent basketball player, but she is self-conscious about her height.  Shelley thinks she looks like a freak, and she won't allow anyone to take her picture.

Shelley becomes friendly with Jim Roberts, and he takes a few pictures of her.  Shelley makes him promise never to show the pictures to anyone.  The newspaper runs a photography contest, and Jim is pressured to enter it.  He submits a picture he took of Shelley.  Will she ever forgive him?

I enjoyed this book.

In Sweet Valley High #56, Lost at Sea, Jessica goes on an extra credit field trip to an island.  During the return trip to Sweet Valley, the ship gets caught in a storm and begins to sink.  The students are forced into lifeboats.  Jessica is paired with Winston, and their lifeboat capsizes.  The two teens vanish, and the others fear that they have drowned.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Winston end up on a deserted island, where they must find food and build a shelter.  Will they ever be rescued?

This is a good book.

In Sweet Valley High Super Thriller, Deadly Summer, Liz and Jessica continue their never-ending summer working as interns at the newspaper.  After a summer of intrigue and murder, the danger continues as a psychotic patient, Donald Redman, escapes from a nearby mental hospital.  Redman threatens to blow up the school stadium.  Can he be stopped?

I don't particularly care for the super thriller editions.  This one didn't do much for me.

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