Friday, December 1, 2017

Sweet Valley High #35 Out of Control, Spring Fever, and #36 Last Chance

In Sweet Valley High #35, Out of Control, Aaron Dallas is going through difficult times.  His parents are having problems, and Aaron is full of rage.  Aaron picks fights and gets into trouble.  Liz tells Jeffrey that Aaron needs help, but Jeffrey sticks behind his best friend.  Will Aaron's problems drive Liz and Jeffrey apart?

Jessica decides to go into business.  She begins selling Tofu-Glo, an all-natural cosmetics line.  As is typical, Jessica's business scheme does not work out well.

Heather Sanford is Aaron's girlfriend, and Liz instinctively dislikes her.  This is unusual for Liz, and Liz even makes fun of her.  Later in the story, Liz learns that she misjudged Heather.  It's a rather interesting change for Liz to behave in a Jessica-like fashion.

This is a good book.

In Sweet Valley High Super Edition, Spring Fever, Liz and Jess spend spring break at their great aunt and uncle's house in a small town in Kansas.  Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman are afraid for the girls to go anywhere alone, and they warn the girls to have nothing to do with the carnival workers.  So of course, Jessica immediately falls in love with one of the carnies.  Jessica sneaks around, Liz covers for her, and all of the girls in town seem to hate the Wakefield twins.

On page 41, going to church is mentioned.  Is church something they only do in Kansas?  It's not been mentioned as an activity in Sweet Valley, California.

It takes around 50 pages before the book becomes at all interesting, and even then, the story isn't that great.

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman act like they are around one-hundred and thirty-seven years old.  They are the absolute worst fuddy-duddies.  They are ignorant of everything and don't let the girls have any kind of fun.  Who wants to read a book like this?

I do not like this book.  It's boring and stupid.

In Sweet Valley High #36, Last Chance, Johanna Porter has decided to return to Sweet Valley High.  She dropped out months before, but after reading her deceased mother's diary, she decides to fulfill her mother's wish that she finish high school.  Johanna has a rough time in school, but the one bright spot is Peter DeHaven.

Peter seems to like Johanna, but he is currently dating Amy Sutton.  Peter assures Johanna that he will soon break up with Amy, but nothing happens.  Johanna becomes more insecure and thinks about dropping out of school again.

The Jessica subplot features Jessica maliciously trying to break up Steven and Cara's relationship for no good reason.  Jessica can be so infuriating.

I find it really funny that Peter does not end up with either Amy or Johanna.  He is so inept and self-centered that Johanna flat-out refuses him.  Way to go, girl!

This is a very good book.

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