Friday, December 22, 2017

Sweet Valley High #60 That Fatal Night, Lila's Story, and #61 Boy Trouble

In Sweet Valley High #60, That Fatal Night, Terri Adams really likes Ken Matthews.  But Ken sees Terri as just a friend.  One night Ken is run off the road by a drunk driver, and he loses his eyesight.  Terri and Ken grow close, but their relationship is based on how much Terri is helping Ken.  Can they ever have a normal relationship?

The title of the book is odd.  "Fatal" is used to describe accidents that result in death.  Nobody dies in this book.

I enjoyed this story.

In Sweet Valley High Super Star, Lila's Story, Lila's father has a new girlfriend, Joan.  Lila cannot stand Joan, and she fears that her father will decide to marry her.  Lila also dislikes Joan's daughter, Jacqueline, who is always sweet and ingratiating.

When Lila learns that her father does intend to marry Joan, she does everything she can to stop the wedding.  Mr. Fowler becomes angry with Lila, and Lila fears that she will have to adjust to living with these two woman she despises.

I found this book interesting because it is told entirely from Lila's point of view.  We have no insight into what any of the other characters think.  Lila is certain that Joan and Jacqueline are after her father's money, but the reader cannot be certain, since Lila has a skewed viewpoint.  I was curious about what would happen as I read the story.

I also enjoyed getting to know Lila better with almost no text about the twins.  It was refreshing.

This is a very good book.

In Sweet Valley High #61, Boy Trouble, Patty Gilbert is excited when her boyfriend, Jim Hollis, comes home from college for the weekend.  She soon learns that her sister, Jane, is also coming home, and Patty must spend time with her instead.  Jim is furious, and Patty breaks up with him.  Even worse, Patty argues with her sister.  Patty feels like she has lost both her sister and her boyfriend.

This book partially annoyed me.  It was apparent that Patty wasn't letting Jim explain anything, and if she had, then they would have gotten back together before the end of the story.  I find situations like that to be so annoying.

I overall enjoyed this book.

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