Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sweet Valley High #57 Teacher Crush, #58 Brokenhearted, and #59 In Love Again

In Sweet Valley High #57, Teacher Crush, Olivia Davidson has fallen for Stuart Bachman, the artist who is instructing Sweet Valley High's new workshop art class.  Olivia misinterprets Stuart's praise for her art as evidence that he is in love with her. She calls him at home and shows up unexpectedly at his apartment.  Liz and Enid are worried about Olivia, since they know that the relationship will not work.

I felt embarrassed for Olivia during the entire story.  Stuart does lead her on, even winking at her.  I never had a teacher wink at me!  Apparently Stuart is completely unaware of Olivia's feelings, but at the same time, he does act like he likes her.

This entire story makes me cringe.  I did not enjoy it.

In Sweet Valley High #58, Brokenhearted, Todd Wilkins moves back to Sweet Valley.  Liz is torn between her current boyfriend, Jeffrey, and her feelings for Todd.  She spends a lot of time moping and worrying.  How splendid.

Why does Jeffrey look like a very tall middle school student in the cover art?

I did not enjoy this book.  I knew that Liz would choose Todd, and I did not enjoy reading about it.  Jeffrey is so sweet to Liz near the end of the story.  He even helps Liz and Todd get back together!  Jeffrey is so nice.  I am Team Jeffrey all the way, and this makes me sad.

In Sweet Valley High #58, In Love Again, Todd and Elizabeth are back together.  Todd's family is now wealthy, and Todd goes to a private school.  Todd and Liz have trouble finding time to spend together, since they go to different schools.  Can Liz and Todd's relationship survive all the changes?

Of course it can!  By the end of the story, Todd has decided to return to Sweet Valley High.  Now we can have Todd and Liz together all the time.  Splendid!  I'd be happy about it if their relationship didn't bore me so much.

I do like the cover art.  Liz's pose cracks me up.  She's taken possession of Todd.

I overall enjoyed this book, although I would rather have Todd go back to Vermont.

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