Friday, July 14, 2017

Wallace Boys #9 Hostage in the Highlands and #10 Assignment in the Alps

In Wallace Boys #9, Hostage in the Highlands, Nigel and Bruce arrive in Scotland to pick up the Silver Spray, the boat that they are to refurbish and deliver to their uncle.  Richard Hannay helps the boys work on the boat.

Richard tells Bruce and Nigel about the nearby island castle on Eilean Donan. Anthrax was dropped on the island during World War II in order to test the effects of anthrax, and the island has been quarantined since that time.  Bruce accidentally lands on Eilean Donan while lost in fog, and he discovers suspicious activity on the island.

The first part of this story is quite slow and boring, but the later part of the book is overall good.  Even the later part of the story drags at times.

In Wallace Boys #10, Assignment in the Alps, Nigel and Bruce have been asked by the British to help the faltering monarchy of Ruritania. Upon meeting the Archduke Karl-Franz, the boys learn that a hidden treasure, if found, will save the kingdom.  Nigel, Bruce, and Karl-Franz head into the mountains in search of the treasure.

The entire book bored me.  I had no reason to care.  I have always had a low tolerance for stories that feature fictitious monarchies.

I did not like this book.

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