Friday, July 7, 2017

Wallace Boys #5 Killers against Kariba and #6 Kidnapped in the Kafue

In Wallace Boys #5, Killers against Kariba, Bruce, Nigel, and Muyunda depart on a camping trip on Lake Kariba, which is between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The boys unwittingly stumble open Isaacs' latest plot, which is to to blow up the Kariba dam. Blowing up the dam will throw the region into chaos, so that the leadership of Zimbabwe can be overthrown.  The boys hope to thwart Isaacs' plan, but first, they must escape from their captors.

The first part of this story is much slower than I would have liked.  The story is overall good, but the historical content was a bit tedious for me and not very interesting.

In Wallace Boys #6, Kidnapped in the Kafue, Bruce and Nigel travel with Muyunda to visit his uncle, Kamwi, who is a game warden in the Kafue National Park.  Kamwi is angry when the boys arrive, even though he invited Muyunda.  Kamwi is not himself and seems not to care about the constant poaching. Muyunda does not understand what has happened to his uncle.

The boys investigate the poachers on their own and discover that the poachers are funding a rebel army.  Even more interesting, the boys' foes Isaacs and Lambert are involved in the plot!

Nigel makes the following observation.
Nigel leant back in his seat relieving tense muscles. "Do you know," he announced, "we've been instrumental in destroying three helicopters in the last couple of years?  I wonder who can claim that distinction."
This book starts out quite well and is interesting from the very beginning.  The story is excellent from beginning to end and is quite engaging.

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