Sunday, July 16, 2017

Christopher Pike Witch World: Red Queen and Black Knight

Witch World was first published in 2012.  The title was later changed to Red Queen and labeled as Witch World #1.  Witch World #2, Black Knight, was published in 2014.

In Red Queen, Jessie Ralle spends the weekend in Las Vegas with her high school class.  While there, Jessie is abducted and killed.  She wakes up in the morgue, but her body is dead, at least temporarily.  Later, Jessie wakes up in Witch World, where she learns that she is a witch.  Jessie was put through the death experience in Real World so that her witch powers would awaken. Jessie lives each in Real World and then lives each day again in Witch World.  Or something like that.  The entire premise is very confusing.

I did not enjoy Red Queen.  There are some good parts, but the plot is horribly confusing.  I managed to read the first 220 pages, then I skimmed the remaining 300 pages.

In Black Knight, Jessie and five others wake up in a boxlike room.  They don't know where they are or why.  They leave the room to find themselves in the middle of the jungle on what turns out to be an island.  They find a plaque that tells them that six teams of six will fight and that only one will survive.

This story was obviously inspired by The Hunger Games.  The story is better than Red Queen, but the premise is still rather confusing.  Since Jessie lives a day in Real World and the same day again in Witch World, I kept confusing the two worlds.

Regarding the ending, I thought that if a person were to die in Real World that they would still be alive in Witch World.  That's what I learned from the first book.  Someone dies in Real World in this book, but they are also dead in Witch World.  It's supposed to make sense, so perhaps the explanation is in one of the parts I skimmed.

Black Knight is better than Red Queen, but I did not like it very much.

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