Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wallace Boys #17 Treasure of the Tiger and #18 Sultan of the Sulu Sea

In Wallace Boys #17, The Treasure of the Tiger, Nigel and Bruce arrive in Singapore, staying with Zainal and Kheng Peng.  Kheng Peng shares a copy of a radio mayday message from World War II which has been handed down in his family.  The message holds a clue to a sunken Japanese ship that supposedly carried a great treasure.  The boys search for information, then they depart on a journey to try to find the sunken ship.

This book is highly suspenseful.  The boys encounter some extremely dangerous situations in which the reader expects the boys to face certain death.  The book is excellent all the way through.

In Wallace Boys #18, The Sultan of the Sulu Sea, the boys finish their hunt for treasure on the sunken Japanese ship.  They begin their return journey to Singapore.  Shortly into the trip, the boys discover a ship trailing them.  It soon becomes apparent that the ship is a pirate ship, which intends to take over the Silver Spray.

The boys use every evasive tactic at their disposal, but they are unable to get away from the pirates.  The Silver Spray is taken over, and the boys are forced to go to the pirates' headquarters.

This is an excellent and highly suspenseful book.

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