Saturday, July 8, 2017

Falling and the Blind Mirror by Christopher Pike

In Falling, Matt Connor decides to fake his own death by jumping out of an airplane as it flies over the ocean.  Matt wants to get revenge on his old girlfriend, and he must appear to be dead before he can put his revenge plan in motion. Meanwhile, Kelly Fienman is an FBI agent who is investigating a serial killer, and later, an abduction.  Kelly's investigations gradually cause her path to cross with Matt's with an interesting twist.  

Pike had already used the idea of a character getting revenge by faking their own death in two books, Gimme a Kiss and Fall Into Darkness.  It's a fun plot, so why not do it again?  I'm impressed that Pike was able to reuse the same basic plot idea to create something entirely different.

This story has a lot of background information about both Matt and Kelly, but unlike Pike's other adult novels, the information is quite important to the plot.  The plot is fascinating as Matt and Kelly's separate stories begin to converge.

This is an excellent book.

In The Blind Mirror, David is walking along the beach when he discovers a body partially buried in the sand.  Later, David is shocked to discover that the body belongs to his old girlfriend, Sienna. Even more shocking is when Sienna calls David on the phone.  Nobody will believe him that Sienna is alive, and David learns too late that he is a victim of a conspiracy.

This story is really suspenseful and reads like a mystery.  This is a very good book.

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