Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wallace Boys #3 Trouble in Tristan and #4 Legacy of Lobengula

In Wallace Boys #3, Trouble in Tristan, Bruce, Nigel, and Jimmy help Barry prepare the St Valery for its journey to Cape Town.  A man named Gustav asks to hitch a ride with them, and Barry agrees.  After the voyage is underway, Gustav hijacks the ship and forces Barry and the boys to sail the ship to a remote island in the South Atlantic, right into the eye of a terrible storm!

This book is very exciting and is excellent all the way through.

In Wallace Boys #4, The Legacy of Lobengula, Bruce and Nigel have returned to their parents' farm in Zimbabwe with their friend Muyunda from the university.  Muyunda has worn a pendant around his neck ever since he was a boy.

When Muyunda discovers that someone has tampered with his pendant, he tells Bruce and Nigel about how he came into possession of the pendant and how it is supposed to lead to the treasure of Lobengula.  The boys set out in search of the treasure, but they find that their old foes Isaacs and Lambert are also after the treasure.

This book is slow to get started.  The background information takes up the first one-third of the book, and then a large portion of text is devoted to the preparation for the trip up until about halfway through the story.  The second half is better but not as interesting as previous books

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