Monday, July 10, 2017

Wallace Boys #7 Crash in the Caprivi and #8 Mischief in 'The Mousetrap'

In Wallace Boys #7, Crash in the Caprivi, Bruce, Nigel, and Muyunda are on a plane that is hijacked.  The hijacker forces the plane to land in a remote area where the hijacker meets up with Isaacs and Lambert, who are in the midst of their latest plot.  The plane takes off again with Isaacs and Lambert on board, and Isaacs forces the pilot to fly straight into a storm, with disastrous consequences.

I found it fascinating to learn about the Kalahari Bushmen and how their way of life has been threatened during the last 50 years.

This book is excellent.

In Wallace Boys #8, Mischief in 'The Mousetrap', Nigel and Bruce are on their way to Scotland to pick up a yacht that they will refurbish for their uncle.  The boys stop in London for some sightseeing and attend a performance of The Mousetrap.  The boys stumble upon Timothy, who is in trouble on the streets of London as he searches for his missing brother.  Nigel and Bruce vow to help Timothy, and their search leads them into grave danger.

This book includes descriptions of a bookstore, Bygone Books, which is organized well, and another bookstore, Bunting's, which sounds like a nightmare.
Excited and hopeful that his quest to find his brother might be over, Timothy entered Bunting's which was a very differently run establishment compared with Bygone Books.  It didn't take Timothy long to see that no attempt had been made to arrange the books on the shelves; fiction was mixed with reference and hopelessly out of any sort of order.  There was also a horrible smell and Timothy wrinkled his nose in distaste. It was the smell of cigarette smoke, but not what he'd ever smelled before, and he didn't think it was a very good idea to smoke in a place like this in the first place.
We learn that the clerk was high from the cigarette, so we can conclude that he was smoking marijuana, even though marijuana is not mentioned by name.

The boys discover that the bookstore is part of a crime ring, and the criminals use hollowed-out books to carry contraband from place to place.

This book has an excellent mystery.  Even though the reader can pretty much guess the villain from the beginning, the crime is not immediately obvious, so the mystery is quite interesting.

This is an outstanding book.

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