Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sweet Dreams #87 Programmed for Love and #88 Wrong Kind of Boy

This is the final Sweet Dreams post for now.  It will probably be a few months or longer before I get back to these books.

Sweet Dreams #87 Programmed for Love, Marion Crane, 1985

Katie's first computer course turns out to be full of surprises when the teacher assigns each student a secret computer pal.

Katie begins exchanging electronic letters with her mystery partner, STX1150, and she's instantly intrigued.  His letters are the warmest and most honest Katie's ever read.  But Bobby Allen, a boy Katie really likes, is finally starting to notice her.  And now that things are going so well with her computer friend, Katie's afraid to encourage Bobby—at least until she discovers who STX1150 really is.

Can Katie learn her computer pal's identity without losing her new love?

Courteney Cox is on the cover of this book.

I always find books with stories that deal with archaic computers to be interesting.  I guess it's just my thing.

This book isn't extremely interesting, but still, I found it interesting enough to get through it.

Sweet Dreams #88 Wrong Kind of Boy, Shannon Blair, 1985

Liz is thrilled when Laurence Chandler notices her.  He's smart, sensitive, and creative.  And he's not at all like her last boyfriend, Bud.  Bud was a member of her crowd.  He was cute, popular—and utterly predictable.

Laurence wants Liz to star in the play he's written for the school talent show.  Liz is ecstatic, but her friends aren't.  They don't like the power he has over her.  They warn Liz that Laurence may not be all he says he is.

Is Laurence as perfect as he appears, or is he all wrong for Liz?

I liked this book well enough to read it.  I didn't like the first boy, and I skimmed until later in the book.  At that point, I became very interested in the plot.  I really enjoyed how Liz makes new friends with people that she didn't think could be her friends.

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