Thursday, July 9, 2020

July 2020 Pandemic and Blog Review Update

I never thought that I would become a pawn, but that is apparently now what I am.  The issue of whether to open schools or keep them closed is now the hot topic in politics.  Therefore, I now am just a pawn, nothing more.

I have been so disappointed since early this year when the pandemic was politicized.  And now, schools reopening has been made into a political tug of war.  This just sickens me.

We all agree that children need to be back in school.  There also need to be guidelines in place for this to be done safely.  I actually think that schools opening will be dangerous regardless and will result in many infections.  I am angered by the cavalier, dismissive attitude of some people in our government, both state and federal.

Fortunately, I am in a district that is providing us with face shields and masks and, most importantly, is requiring all faculty, staff, and students to wear masks.  Some local districts will not require students to wear masks.  I can't even imagine.

I actually have conflicting feelings.  I am apprehensive about going back, but I also would like to resume some normal activity.  I have been at home since March 13.

I am once again obsessed with Covid-19 and am on Reddit much of the time.  I have again quit reading books.

I have almost no interest in writing reviews.  I am going to publish reviews of the first part of the Beverly Gray series, but I didn't write reviews of all of the books I managed to read before I quit.  You will get my detailed summary of Beverly Gray at the World's Fair.  I wanted to provide the summary for the many people who are unable to purchase that book.  At least I did that before I lost interest.

I managed to write my review of the latest Nancy Drew Diaries book.  I almost didn't do it.

I have just six blog posts in the queue.  They will be published irregularly, probably around five days apart.  They may get stretched further apart if I don't get motivated soon.  I have doubts about getting motivated, since I am thinking about school more and more each day.

I will be putting both my eBay store and Etsy shop back on vacation by August 3.  If you want a certain book, buy it before that time if you can.  I don't know how long I will leave the stores down.  It depends upon how the beginning of the school year goes.  I expect it to be very stressful and busy.

I also always feel bad (fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains) during the first month of school.  My autoimmune condition always reacts to the start of school, and I usually have a temporary relapse.  I expect a medication increase in one week when I have my appointment, and that will also make me feel bad beginning around two weeks after the medication change.  I will likely already be unwell before I go back to work.  So expect my stores to be closed for some time, probably around two months like I did in the spring.

I probably will not be listing any new books this month.  I have no interest in doing so knowing that I'm going to be pulling the stores down soon.  It shouldn't matter, since the listings will remain in existence, although inactive, but I cannot muster the interest in creating the listings.

That's where I'm at right now.


Travis Ketchum said...

Jennifer. I have been reading your blog quite a bit and have appreciated your content very much. I live and work in California where the outbreak it fairly severe. I also have auto immune issues and other at risk factors AND I work for a local school district in Facilities Mgt. Since March our teachers have been at home (except Juvenile Hall) and most of our district staff. My staff and myself have had to work everyday. Our district will also be requiring masks and we are installing hand sanitizer stations EVERYWHERE. I do think things will be fine as long as we all take precautions. Wear your mask and wash your hands. NO ONE in my entire district has tested positive. Also, a word of advice, STOP the Reddit and watch the news in small doses. Lastly, I have been doing the opposite of what you have been doing. I have gotten more into the Juvenile Series hobby (a lot of Rick Brant, Ken Holt and Biff Brewster) kids enjoy them as well. So, either dive right back into your hobby or find another one but obsessing about the Covid is not healthy. From a selfish stand point I hope you start reading again. I enjoy your take on the hobby. That said, find anything else to do besides Covid. Best Wishes and continued health!

Lauren said...

I look forward to reading the Beverly Gray reviews you did write. I have discovered so many wonderful series through your blog and website. Beverly Gray is one of my favorites. I most recently finished The Outdoor Girls and Ruth Fielding. Strangely enough I actually struggled to get through the last few Ruth Fielding books. I know that you have written that those are some of your favorites and I know that they were written by Wirt but they just didn't do much for me. Many of the plot ideas seemed recycled (someone trying to sabotage one of Ruth's film projects). That being said I struggled with what to read after Ruth Fielding. Eventually I decided to give Tom Swift a try since I could get those books for free online (I do not need to start collecting another series!). I have never tried boys series before and have been enjoying the Tom Swift books so far. I will likely only read as far as I can get electronically for free.

I will be thinking of you with the start of the school year. Scary times this year. I hope that you find your way back into reading soon. I have not been as interested in the Sweet Dreams reviews but love to hear about the rest of your collecting adventures and thoughts on the hobby.