Monday, July 6, 2020

Sweet Dreams #83 Love by the Book and #84 The Last Word

Sweet Dreams #83 Love by the Book, Anne Park, 1985

Lisa is miserable when she finds out her parents plan to sell the bookstore she's practically grown up in, until her friend Phil persuades her that they two of them can save the family business together. 

At first, Lisa works hard in the shop.  But when Kevin, the boy she's been dreaming about all year, comes in to buy his mother a birthday gift, she's quickly distracted.  Soon she's spending more and more time with Kevin and less in the shop with Phil.  Lisa senses that Phil is upset, but she never pretended he was anything more than a business partner.  And being with Kevin is like a fairy tale come true... isn't it?

The cover photo is fun, because the pictured books are Sweet Dreams books.  I can make out the titles Forbidden Love, Lights, Camera, Love, and Love Notes.

I read this book around a couple years ago.  I actually don't think I read all of it, but I can't remember.  I did not like the book as much as I should have.  A book about a book store is perfect, but this book didn't really do much for me.

Sweet Dreams #84 The Last Word, Susan Blake, 1985

Shelby loves to argue and always has to have the final word—at least that's what her boyfriend, Tom, says when he breaks up with her.  When Shelby goes to summer camp, she begins to think that Tom may be right:  everything she says gets her in trouble.

Then Shelby meets Matthew.  He's cute and smart, and Shelby knows he's the perfect boy for her.  But when she's up against him in a camp debate contest, Shelby's worried.  Will having the last word mean the end of a relationship once again?

Courteney Cox is on the cover of this book.

I don't think I managed to read this book due to lack of interest.

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