Friday, July 31, 2020

Beverly Gray #5 Beverly Gray's Career and #6 Beverly Gray at the World's Fair

In Beverly Gray's Career, Beverly has graduated from Vernon College.  Beverly, Lois, and Lenora take an apartment together in New York City.  Charlie Blaine is now editor of the newspaper.  He hires Beverly to be a reporter.

This book introduces Hope Rodgers, who is an occasional character in the series, and Omar El Hamil, the Hindu, who will reappear slightly later in the series.  Roger Garrett is also introduced in this book, and he is an important recurring character.

I feel like Beverly Gray's Career is the book where the series begins to hit its stride.  This is probably a good starting book for most people who want to try the series.

In Beverly Gray at the World's Fair, Beverly and her friends visit the Century of Progress in Chicago.  While at the exhibition, the friends witness a murder and set out to solve it.  Meanwhile, Shirley loses her acting role and must find a way to become successful.

I enjoyed this book the first time I read it many years ago.  I read it for the second time in around 2008 and did not like it.  I was bored by the story.  I did not care about the man who died, and I did not like reading about the Century of Progress exhibits.

This time I set myself the task of writing a detailed summary of the story, which will appear in my next post.  I read a few chapters, paused to type up the major events, and then continued reading in the same fashion.  My interest in sharing the summary heightened my interest in the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it this time, easily the most of the three times I have read the book.

Note:  I did read additional Beverly Gray titles after these books, but I am disinterested in writing reviews at this time.  At least you do get the detailed summary of Beverly Gray at the World's Fair.

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