Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sweet Dreams #85 The Boy She Left Behind and #86 Questions of Love

Sweet Dreams #85 The Boy She Left Behind, Suzanne Rand, 1985

When Scott Driscoll asks Jill to his junior prom, it's one of the biggest thrills of her life.  But just as her romance with Scott begins to take off, Jill has to leave home for a job as a Senate page in the state capital.

Jill promises herself that she'll be faithful to Scott while she's away, but she finds herself spending more and more time with handsome, sensitive Rick Werner.

Now Jill must choose between Rick, who wants to be the only boy in her life, and Scott, the boy she left behind.

I didn't read this book.

Sweet Dreams #86 Questions of Love, Rosemary Vernon, 1985

When Sammi Edwards is chosen to represent her high school on the television quiz show "The Brain Game, " it's a dream come true.  Sammi's always wanted to be on TV.  And if she can win "The Brain Game," she'll have enough money for the new car she wants.

Sammi's determined to win—until she falls in love with Dave Handlin, a player from another school.  Dave's smart and good-looking and needs the prize money to help pay for college.  Sammi figures that it just might be better to let Dave win the competition.  But when her idea backfires, she discovers that love's even harder to win than "The Brain Game."

I definitely read part of this book.  I am writing these particular reviews around two months after I read or tried to read the books.  It's hard to remember anything.  I do know that I wasn't that impressed with the book.


Nora said...

Kinda tired of Sweet Dreams (particularly as I don't read them) and wish you'd get back to vintage series books! Thanks!

Jennifer White said...

Read the beginning of my latest post.

I am sick of them, too. I only published the reviews in case I ever get back to trying to read the series again. I haven't enjoyed most of the last 20 titles.

I will have some vintage series reviews, but I am also going to review some vintage teen series from the 1980s that are in my opinion much better than Sweet Dreams.