Monday, June 22, 2020

Sweet Dreams #81 Secret Admirer and #82 Hey, Good Looking!

Sweet Dreams #81 Secret Admirer, Debra Spector, 1985

The most important part of Kim Belding's world is KLAU—the Laurence High School radio station.  As one of its top disc jockeys, she gets to play the latest hits and the newest music.

When a secret admirer begins calling in his song requests, Kim loses her usual on-the-air cool.  Who could the mystery caller be?  Is it Ray, Laurence High's hot rock guitarist?  Or Buddy, the president of the student council and Kim's sworn enemy?  Or is her unknown fan someone she's never met?  Kim's determined to discover her caller's identity, but she may be in for a big surprise!

I was able to read this book, even though I skimmed at times.  The book is enjoyable but nothing special.

Sweet Dreams #82, Hey, Good Looking!, Jane Polcovar, 1985

Patty and Kevin have been going together for months, and it's as wonderful as Patty hoped it would be.  Now Kevin's birthday is coming, and Patty wants to buy him a special present.  That means finding a summer job.

Jobs are hard to find, so when Patty is hired to work on a construction site, she expects everyone—including Kevin—to be thrilled.  But when Kevin finds out that his girlfriend is going to be a hardhat, he's furious.  Suddenly the job Patty thought would help make Kevin happy threatens to tear them apart.

I just couldn't get into this book, so I didn't read it.

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Do Act Mysterious said...

I've been keeping up with your Sweet Dreams posts (and blog in general), and the name "Hey, Good Looking!" has to be one of the funniest Sweet Dreams titles XD. My first thought after reading the synopsis was that she was getting cat called at the construction site, but I can't not read the title with John Wayne's voice, so it suddenly becomes a western.