Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sweet Dreams #79 Star Struck! and #80 A Shot at Love

Sweet Dreams #79 Star Struck!, Shannon Blair, 1985

Carrie's excited when she's cast as an extra in a rock video, but her excitement soars sky-high when she finds out that the star of the video is Michael Jackson, her favorite singer in the world!

Working on the Jackson video is like a dream come true—fabulous sets, sensational dances, and best of all, a budding romance with a gorgeous guy named Joe, another extra.  It looks as if Carrie's shooting straight to the top—but looks can sometimes be deceiving.

The premise didn't interest me, so I didn't read the book.

Sweet Dreams #80 A Shot at Love, Jill Jarnow, 1985

Samantha has always wanted to fly to one of those exotic islands in the Caribbean.  So when her father announces a vacation to Paradise Bay with the other families from his company, it's nearly Samantha's dream come true.

There's only one problem, and his name is Keith Garson.  When Samantha met him two years before, she did everything she could to brush him off... until he finally got the message.

But how could Samantha have known back then this short, pudgy boy would grow up to be the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen?  Now she was only seven days to get Keith to forgive her.  Can she succeed?

I overall enjoyed this book, but it was a bit flat for me.  Towards the end, I skimmed.

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