Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sweet Dreams #73 Language of Love and #74 Don't Forget Me

Sweet Dreams #73 Language of Love, Rosemary Vernon, 1984

Robin Mackin's thrilled when she finds out that she's been chosen for her high school's exchange program to Switzerland—until she hears that Henry Bouchet, her archrival from French class, is going, too.

Henry is infuriating—he's always trying to outdo Robin.  And just because he's great-looking, speaks terrific French, and can be positively charming, he has the nerve to think she likes him!  What's worse is that Robin isn't always so sure she doesn't.

How will Robin ever be able to stand three weeks in Switzerland with Henry?  And afterward, will they be best friends or worst enemies?

I dislike romance books where the protagonist despises her future love for most of the book.  That's no fun at all.  I skimmed this book just to see if it would finally get engaging.  It never does.  I do not like this book.

Sweet Dreams #74 Don't Forget Me, Diana Gregory, 1984

Wendy Ferris's mother has just left for a new job in Philadelphia.  Now that she's gone, Wendy feels sad and lonely.  Even her best friend, Marlo, can't seem to cheer her up.

But it looks as if things might begin to work out when Wendy meets Gary, who has just moved to town from California.  Without a doubt, Gary is the best-looking guy around, and before long Wendy starts daydreaming about him.  For awhile she thinks he might even love her—until she discovers Gary wants to go back to California to see his old girlfriend.  Will Wendy find herself abandoned again?

I did not find this book interesting, so I did not read it.

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