Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nancy Drew Reporter Brumberger Movie Slide

I am a bit paranoid lately and for good reason.  I am one of the victims of the rampant unemployment insurance fraud that is currently ongoing in the United States.  And yes, the claim has been reported as fraudulent, and I have taken certain measures to protect myself.  It is a bit unsettling to know for a fact that a Nigerian crime ring has my social security number. 

Now you understand my current frame of mind.

I check eBay pretty frequently.  On the evening of June 10, I had checked eBay to see if I had sold any books and to see if any new interesting items had come up for sale.  I then came back not more than 30 minutes to an hour later.  I saw that the shopping cart icon was red, indicating that something had been added to it.

Oh, no!  Somebody put something in my shopping cart!

I then placed my cursor over the shopping cart to see what was in the cart.  I saw something that started with "Brumberger" in the title.

I don't know what that is!  OMG!  I've been hacked!  Hacked!

Normally, I would have understood what had happened, but my paranoia caused me to think I had been hacked.  I went into the shopping cart to see exactly what this item was.  I saw that it was a completed auction.  Ah, okay.  I remembered the Brumberger movie slide listing that I had entered into eSnipe in order to bid at the end of the auction.  I didn't expect to win the auction and had completely forgotten about it.

False alarm.  Nobody had hacked my eBay account.  Whew!

I received the 10 Brumberger slides today.  I purchased them because one slide features Nancy Drew, Reporter.

The slides are metal with "Brumberger" on each slide.  According to the seller, the slides date from the 1930s and came from the movie studio.

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