Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Sweet Dreams #75 First Summer Love and #76 Three Cheers for Love

Sweet Dreams #75 First Summer Love, Stephanie Foster, 1984

Lynn Madison is sure her summer vacation is ruined whens she discovers that her family and the noisy, disorganized Cassidys have accidentally rented the same beach house.  Rather than argue, Lynn's father agrees to share the house for a month.  But Lynn doesn't like the Cassidys, and Jody Wilson, Mrs. Cassidy's "mother's helper," is the most irritating boy Lynn's ever met.

Lynn's feelings about Jody begin to change, but she's sure he has lots of girlfriends at home.  To get him interested, Lynn invents a boyfriend of her own—only to find herself caught in a lie that might turn Jody off for good.

I like this passage from page 72:
The more I thought about all the little things that used to seem so important, the more I realized how little those things really were and what a big deal I'd been making of them.
Most people make too big a deal over the little things.  As my autoimmune disease has worsened, particularly in the last 10 years, I have let go of worrying about the little things.  So much doesn't really matter, and I wish that most people understood that.  I have had to streamline my life so that I can continue to do normal activity.  I cut a lot of corners in order to do what I do, and I don't sweat the little things.

I skipped the part of the story where Lynn lies about having a boyfriend.  This is stupid behavior, and I cannot stand stupid behavior.  I also skimmed a bit towards the end due to the lie.

Overall the book is good.  I was able to read most of it, but it was nothing special.

Sweet Dreams #76 Three Cheers for Love, Suzanne Rand, 1984

When Mandy Birch meets Mick Farris at cheerleading camp, she's amazed at how well they get along.  After all, Mick's from Roosevelt High and Mandy's from Fieldcrest, and the two schools have always been bitter rivals.  But both Mick and Mandy are willing to ignore the conflict and concentrate on their romance.

Unfortunately, the students at Fieldcrest aren't so understanding.  When word leaks out that Mandy's going out with someone from the enemy camp, they label Mandy a traitor.  The tension builds until one day Mandy's forced to choose between loyalty to her school and her love for Mick.

This book contains too much exposition.  I don't need to know all of the information that the author gives me.  The story takes too long to get to the point, and I was bored.  I skimmed for a good bit, and then I quit reading.  I do not like this book.

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