Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sweet Dreams #77 Ten-Speed Summer and #78 Never Say No

Sweet Dreams #77 Ten-Speed Summer, Deborah Kent, 1985

I'll never make it, Rhonda thinks as she pedals under the hot summer sun.  Going on a bike tour of the Southwest was the last thing she wanted to do.  Although her parents insisted it would "broaden her horizons," Rhonda only feels homesick for her boyfriend, Bruce, and her comfortable life in Illinois.  

But things change when handsome Matt Jordon becomes her friend.  Suddenly the bike trip is fun, and Rhonda begins to notice the magnificent mountain and spectacular canyons.  As the days pass, she finds herself thinking more and more about Matt.  but Rhonda can't be falling in love with him—she loves Bruce.  Or does she?

I gave this book a chance, but I found it uninteresting.  I did not read it.

Sweet Dreams #78 Never Say No, Jean Capron, 1985

Betsy Marsh has had it with Rob Carney.  She's told him over and over she's not interested in him, but he just won't give up!  Things only get worse when their teacher assigns them to create a comic strip together, so Betsy lays down some ground rules.  It's business only.  No phone calls, no constant attention.

The plan works for a while, and their cartoon is a huge success.  But Betsy's feelings about Rob are beginning to soften.  Now she's sorry about the business-only rule—while Rob seems perfectly content.  Has Betsy warmed up to Rob, only to find that he has cooled off?

I do not like the premise.  I gave the book a chance, but I was not able to read it.

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