Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Wildfire #41 The Wrong Boy and #42 Make a Wish

40. Christy’s Choice, Maud Johnson — reviewed here

41. The Wrong Boy, Carol Stanley, 1982

Kyle Harmon was absolutely the last boy Meg would ever have dreamed of being interested in.  He did crazy things and dressed in crazy clothes and never went anywhere without his motorcycle.

Then Meg is assigned to work on a chemistry project with him and finds that, underneath his wraparound shades and leather jacket, he's a very special person—and Kyle thinks Meg's pretty special, too.

But as soon as they get serious about each other, their problems start.  Meg's parents think Kyle is strange, and her friends make fun of him.  Worse, Kyle refuses to change, but he expects Meg to change for him.  Since she can't, Meg knows she'll have to make some important decisions...

On page 166, Meg tries to find a way to show her mother that she is "not about to run off and join a cult or a motorcycle gang."  This reminds me of Jessica Wakefield who is prone to similar stunts, like in Sweet Valley High #82, Kidnapped by the Cult!

The first part of the story is a bit tedious, but the rest of the book is excellent.

42. Make A Wish, Nancy Smiler Levinson, 1983

Jana and Shep have known each other for years.  And now that Jana is almost seventeen, she wants Shep to be more than just her good friend.  But Shep asks Holly to the May dance.

Hurt, Jana throws herself into a new part-time job at the department store.  It's not very exciting, but there's Ross Dantine to talk to.  Jana is flattered when he asks her out.  She likes Ross very much, but she can't stop thinking of Shep, even though she knows it's time to let him go...

This is a very good book.


Tai said...

Do you have any tips for getting stickers off old, paperback books? I got a lovely paperback today and the seller stuck a sticker right in the middle of the cover. Ack!!!

Jennifer White said...

For most stickers, I use Ronsonol lighter fluid. Sometimes warming the sticker with a hair dryer is easier. I have started using a hair dryer on the stickers from Thriftbooks. They lift off very easily after being warmed up. Other stickers that are stronger will require the lighter fluid. When I use lighter fluid, I wet one edge of the sticker, then I begin lifting that end of the sticker. I apply more lighter fluid as needed while I continue pulling the sticker off the book.

Tai said...

Thank you Jennifer! I used my hairdryer on the sticker and it worked like a charm. :o)