Monday, June 3, 2019

Wildfire #38 The Searching Heart and #39 Write Every Day

38. The Searching Heart (also Searching Heart), Barbara Steiner, 1982

Laura has always known what she wants to do—become a veterinarian.  Even before she finishes high school, she applies for an after-school job at a veterinary clinic.  

But then her life changes dramatically.  The doctor she works for is Jed Jordan, warm, caring—and twenty-five years old.  Before Laura and Jed know what's happening, they fall in love! 

Laura is delighted... and frightened.  Her parents don't approve of Jed because he's older.  And Laura worries because she's miserable when she's apart from him.  How can she go away to college now?  What will become of her dreams?  And what will become of her tender relationship with Jed?

I didn't care for this book and found it boring.  All the information about the vet clinic is just minimally interesting.  It doesn't help that Laura has to help put animals to sleep three different times during the story.  I didn't like Jed.  I skimmed a lot of the story.  

39. Write Every Day, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1982

Kim is the misfit in her family.  Her brother, her sister, her parents—they're all athletic and outgoing, but Kim thinks she doesn't measure up at all.

So every summer she dreads the trip to the camp her family runs in the mountains, where she's expected to help out on the hikes and climbs.

But this summer there's Brian.  Brian cares about Kim and wants to spend time with her.  But would he feel the same way if he knew the truth about her?  Kim's afraid to find out...

Kim has a very real reason for being afraid of heights, and she has never told her family.  She hides it from them, while they struggle to understand why she doesn't participate in the different activities.

I really enjoyed this book.

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Tai said...

Write Every Day was super! I think there should have been more letters though. The idea of the protagonist, Kim, writing letters to her best friend for support seemed like an afterthought. What do you think? I also think it was clever of the author to introduce one boy as a potential boyfriend and then have Kim fall for another boy later on.

The subplot about Serena, the overweight teenager, was good too. I liked that Kim didn't try to make Serena go on a diet or do anything crazy to fit in.