Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Wildfire #51 Blind Date and #52 That Other Girl

51. Blind Date, Priscilla Maynard, 1983

Lately Kim has felt different from her friends... so left out.  All they talk about is boys and parties, and Kim's not interested, at least not until she meets Ted.  Ted is her brothers' friend.  He comes to their house a lot, but is it to see Kim or her brothers—or Beth, next door?

When Beth arranges a blind date for her, Kim decides to go.  She's excited and nervous, but she never expects the date to change her whole life.

I don't like Kim's best friend, Beth.  I'm not convinced that her actions are really that of a best friend.  It doesn't feel right.

This is a very good book.

52. That Other Girl, Conrad Nowels, 1983

Donna is older, carefree, and so beautiful, but she is going off to college and plans to date other guys.  Larry thinks he'll never stop loving her—until he meets Judy.  Shy and sweet, she can't compete with Donna, but she captures Larry's wounded heart.

Then Donna returns and makes it very clear she wants Larry back.  Suddenly, he isn't so sure he's  over Donna at all... and all three of them are caught in a crazy love triangle.

In this story, the narrator is a boy.  I might have been able to deal with that change, except that Larry is a thoughtless idiot.  The story is also boring.  I could not finish this book and skimmed what little I read.


Tai said...

Any idea if Conrad Nowels is a pseudonym for a female author? If not, Nowels appears to be the only male author in this series. I thought McClure Jones, the author of No Boys?, might be a male, but it's a pseudonym for Phoebe Matthews. I can't find any information on M.L. Kennedy, author of Love Signs and The Ten Cupcake Romance, but M.L. could easily be Mary Louise or something similar.

Jennifer White said...

I wondered about Conrad Nowels as well. There is an author named William Conrad Nowels who wrote a book about Elvis, but I do not know if that person is the same author.

Tai said...

It's a shame. There's so little information available on some of these authors from the 70s and 80s.