Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Wildfire #67 Loving That O'Connor Boy and #68 Love Signs

67. Loving That O'Connor Boy, Diane Hoh, 1985

Pam Morrison has never gone against her parents' wishes.  Until now.  She's dating "that O'Connor boy," as her disapproving father calls the dashing but difficult Bud O'Connor.  He does have a well-deserved reputation as a troublemaker.  But only Pam knows the real Bud, a wonderful boy who longs for attention since he's had so little at home.

Gossip and past mistakes seem to haunt their relationship.  But if Pam really loves Bud, does it matter what other people think?

This book is excellent from start to finish.  I read it in one day.

68. Love Signs, M. L. Kennedy, 1985

The strangest things are  happening to Tracy.  And strangest of all is that she always knows they're going to—her horoscope tells her.  She's been right about so many things, it's eerie.  The stars predict she'll meet a handsome stranger, and Jeff shows up.  Tracy and Jeff have so much in common, everything seems wonderful at first.  But the stars also warn Tracy not to mistake friendship for love.  Beside, Pisces and Libra are an impossible combination.

Then Steve, star quarterback for the football team, asks Tracy for a date, and this time it's a perfect match, according to the stars.  But Tracy can't get Jeff out of her mind.  And she can't help thinking that maybe the stars are wrong.

On page eight, Tracey's brother speaks about the new computer at work.  It has 512K of memory!  Ooh, such fantastic technology from the 1980s!

I enjoyed this book at first, but Tracey's decision not to date a boy just because of her horoscope is too stupid.  She ignores her own feelings just because of the prediction.  I skimmed most of the book.

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