Wednesday, March 22, 2017

River Heights Junior Class Trip and #12 Hard to Handle

In River Heights Super Sizzler, Junior Class Trip, the junior class goes to Washington, D.C., on a field trip.  Nikki wants to get back together with Tim, but she worries that Tim isn't interested. Meanwhile, Nikki keeps confusing another boy with Tim.  The lookalike, Tom Connors, is staying at their hotel and seems to be followed around by bodyguards.  Both Kim and Brittany fall for Tom and scheme to keep him away from the other.

The cover art is dreadful.  Yuck.

I greatly enjoyed this book.  After the terrible Girls of Canby Hall super editions, I was concerned that this book might be boring.  I was delighted to find that this story is quite interesting and does not contain any filler.  The story has some intrigue and danger, which is what one expects in a super edition.

In River Heights #12, Hard to Handle, Rick is finally out of the hospital, and he's returning to school.  Lacey fears that he has fallen for a girl he met in rehab, and unexpectedly, Lacey falls for Rick's brother, Tom.  Lacey isn't brave enough to tell Rick about Tom, so she keeps their relationship a secret.

Nikki and Tim are back together again and plan a skit for the upcoming talent contest.  Brittany is jealous as always and devises a way to ruin the skit.

I like this fun quote from page 40.
Brittany closed her chemistry book with a snap.  She was tired of staring at the periodic table and trying to figure out how she could possibly use it later in life as a nationally famous reporter.
Each book leads into the next book with a hint of future events during the closing chapter.  In this book, we learn that someone plans to blackmail Brittany.  How interesting!

I really enjoyed this book.

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