Sunday, March 19, 2017

Many Books Listed on eBay and Etsy

This is an explanation of what I listed on the two sites as well as my reasoning behind it.

I spent much of my spring break listing books on eBay and Etsy.

On eBay, you can get 10% off your order when you purchase two or more books.  As long as you pay for the books in one transaction, then you will get the discount.  Using the shopping cart is the easiest method.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

A coupon code can be found on the main page of my Etsy shop.  Use the coupon when checking out to receive 10% off any order of $10 or more.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I list different books on the two sites.  Some books will never be listed on eBay.  A certain seller on eBay is nasty and hurts his suppliers through feedback.  I don't understand that logic, but some people think if they damage the reputation of all people who sell the same items that they will get more sales.  It's not logical to damage the reputation of one's own suppliers, since those people might then quit selling those good deals that are used to build one's inventory.

Another seller on eBay used to hurt her suppliers through feedback, but she quit long ago when someone left a feedback calling her out on it.  I don't think she initially realized that others could tell.

The first person I mentioned is ruthless and does not care what anyone thinks.  I have three of his IDs blocked, and he will just keep creating them if necessary.  Therefore, I don't sell the books he wants on eBay.

Note:  I do not mind sellers purchasing my books.  I only mind when the seller then tries to hurt me through feedback.  Other than those few people, I welcome purchases from all sellers.

Fortunately, the books that I can't sell on eBay due to the one seller are among the books that do well on Etsy.  I have had good success on Etsy with Nancy Drew books with jackets, Nancy Drew picture covers, Dana Girls books, and Three Investigators books.  The more obscure series do poorly on Etsy.

I list all of my international editions on eBay.  I find that international editions are ignored on Etsy, so I must list all of them on eBay.

I am limited to 250 free listings per month on eBay, which is why I must use Etsy.  I do have to pay $0.20 per listing on Etsy, and each listing is good for four months.  The listing fee is offset by the low final value fees on Etsy, which are much lower than eBay's final value fees.

I listed 62 items on Etsy this week at a total cost of $12.40.  I have already sold eight books, and the amount that I saved in final value fees over what I would have paid on eBay is more than $12.40.  So my listings have already been paid for by the few that have already sold.  The rest of the listings are still good for four months, and more of them will sell.  Etsy is a good place to sell with very reasonable fees so long as the seller lists items that are likely to sell on Etsy.  That's the key.

I listed a large number of French Nancy Drew books, Nancy Drew picture covers, Hardy Boys books with jackets, and other miscellaneous on eBay this week.  Due to my limit of 250 free listings, I also combined some of my stagnant listings into bulk lots. Those bulk lots are scattered through my eBay store, since most of them were converted from existing listings.  I will also be combining additional listings into bulk lots in the next two weeks as more items expire.  This will allow me to begin listing additional books on eBay.

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