Tuesday, March 28, 2017

River Heights #13 A Mind of Her Own and #14 Love and Games

In River Heights #13, A Mind of Her Own, DeeDee Smith's father wants her to attend his alma mater, Kingston University.  But DeeDee really wants to attend the journalism school at Westmoor University in River Heights.  Can she get her father to understand?

Brittany is being blackmailed by nerdy Martin Ives.  Martin resents the way Brittany treated him in the past, so he threatens to tell everyone what she did to Nikki and Tim unless she pretends to be his girlfriend.  Brittany has no choice but to play along.

Brittany's predicament is fun.  She doesn't tell Chip about Martin and tries to keep them apart from each other.  I also really enjoyed DeeDee's story.  Lacey continuing to keep her relationship with Tom from Rick is yet another fun subplot.

In the final scene, Lacey and Rick make remarks that reveal that Robin lied to both of them, probably so that Lacey and Tom's relationship would be revealed.  Oddly, neither picks up on it, and Robin is never confronted by Lacey.

This is a very good book.

In River Heights #14, Love and Games, Kyle Kirkwood's computer program will match dates for the upcoming dance.  Samantha is concerned that Kyle will be matched with a certain girl, so she devises a way to change the results.

Emily Van Patten learns that her father is dating the new drama teacher, Roxy Muldoon, so she writes a mean-spirited play about Ms. Muldoon that will be read in class.

Both of Samatha's and Emily's plots have unintended consequences.

This is another solid entry in the series.  I enjoy the later books in the series much more than the early ones.  The cast of characters is established, and something interesting is always happening.

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