Saturday, March 25, 2017

Girls of Canby Hall #22 Troublemaker and Super Edition The Almost Summer Carnival

In Girls of Canby Hall #22, Troublemaker, Toby is depressed, so Jane and Andy decide to throw her a Winter Blahs party to cheer her up.  Gigi Norton can't help causing trouble, so she decides to throw a party where everyone is to come as someone she hates.  When Gigi's party doesn't go the way she intended, she plays dirty tricks on the girls of 407, turning them against each other.

While at the pond and with Gigi and Yolanda hidden nearby, Toby complains about Andy's selfishness for no reason when Andy is not even being selfish.  This scene occurs only so that Gigi and Yolanda can use the information against the girls of 407.  I hate that sort of contrived scene that goes against the girls' personalities.

Laura Lee is a quiet girl who is the focus of the girls' attention in this book, at least when they aren't worrying about Gigi.  By the end of the story, all I could think each time I saw the name was Laura Lee Hope, the pseudonym used as the author's name for the Bobbsey Twins series.

This book does not have reminiscing in it.  I really enjoyed it.

In Girls of Canby Hall super edition, The Almost Summer Carnival, the maintenance crew has gone on strike.  Canby Hall will be closed if their work does not get done.  Jane, Andy, and Toby decide to set up task lists so that all of the girls can get the work done, which includes cooking meals, laundry, and all cleaning duties.  Of course this doesn't go well.

It's strange how the girls do their own laundry in the early books, but suddenly in this book, they have never done their own laundry.

A hailstorm breaks out most of the windows.  The windows are covered with blankets to help keep the rain out.  I have trouble understanding how a blanket would keep the rain out.  It would help for the first few minutes, but the blanket would get wet and moisture would still come in.

Jane is incredibly rude and snobbish in this book.  While Jane has always been a bit snobbish, she is written out of character in this book.  Jane is outright cruel.

This book is better than the other super edition, which I did not like, but not by much.

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Amanda said...

The reminiscing can be annoying in this series. I often wondered if it was a choice of the author or if it was a device used as page filler.