Saturday, March 18, 2017

River Heights #10 Mixed Emotions and #11 Broken Hearts

In River Heights #10, Mixed Emotions, Michael Quinn has a crush on Robin Fisher, and he won't leave her alone!  Robin has no interest in Michael, but her boyfriend, Cal, is becoming jealous.  Nikki is worried because Niles' British girlfriend will be visiting soon.  Karen also has worries, since Ben's old girlfriend, Emily is returning to River Heights.  Will each couple break up?

Brittany decides to drastically cut her hair, which is long.  She's only taking two inches off, but she acts like she is cutting 12 inches off.  Talk about an overreaction!

Michael looks so stupid on the cover.  At first, I didn't like the depiction.  Later, I decided that the cover is perfect, because Michael does act that silly.

I enjoyed this book.

In River Heights #11, Broken Hearts, Niles' girlfriend has arrived, and Nikki is beginning to think she should be back with Tim.  I would agree, since Tim never wanted to break up!

Karen thinks Ben will pick up with Emily where he left off, so Karen decides to become the perfect girlfriend.  She types Ben's papers for him and even fixes him a homemade dinner. Unfortunately, Karen's plan backfires.

On page 44 we learn that Karen's mother thinks that Ben is "the best thing since pocket calculators."  That does sound like something we might have said in the 1980s.

I also enjoyed this book.

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