Monday, March 6, 2017

Girls of Canby Hall #15 To Tell the Truth and #16 Three of a Kind

In Girls of Canby Hall #15, To Tell the Truth, the girls of Baker Hall take a truth pledge as part of a psychology research experiment.  The girls must tell the truth for 48 hours, no matter what happens.  Troublemaker Pamela is the only girl who doesn't take the oath, and she sets out to make trouble for the girls of Room 407.

Shelley is put in a difficult position when she must drive Ms. Allardyce to the hospital and promises that she will tell no one where Ms. Allardyce is. Shelley is seen returning with the car.  She gets into trouble when nobody can locate Ms. Allardyce, and she refuses to discuss what happened.

I was very interested in seeing how Shelley's problem would be resolved.  This is an excellent book

In Girls of Canby Hall #16, Three of a Kind, Dana falls in love with Mac.  Soon, Dana notices that Mac has a faulty memory and acts different at times.  Later, the girls figure out that Mac has an identical twin brother.  Dana, Faith, and Shelley get even with Mac and his brother by dressing up as identical clowns and fooling the boys at a masquerade party.

The last part of the story deals with the three girls fooling the two boys.  It is dragged out way too long, and I found it silly and boring.

On page  73 through 76, Faith leaves Lester, a three-year-old, alone outside on a tire swing.  The boy is only three, and he could have been hurt.

I enjoyed the first part of the book and did not like the last part.

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