Saturday, September 3, 2022

An Outstanding Store Find of Nancy Drew Picture Covers Part 2

On August 21, I wrote about the outstanding store find of Nancy Drew picture covers that occurred on August 17. 

An Outstanding Store Find of Nancy Drew Picture Covers

I have been checking back to see if more books would surface.  Yesterday, they did.

I purchased two of the APC library editions.

I found these picture cover editions.  

All of #16 through #33 list to Fire Dragon the back cover.  # 21, 22, and 33 are first picture cover printings.  #43 is the first printing.

The picture covers are unquestionably linked to my August 17 purchase.  They are different titles than the ones I found before and are from the same era and in the same condition.  I will be keeping #22 and #32 because they are tint variants.

These are the rest of the books that I found.  

I purchased the flashlight edition because it has the textured cover.  Read this post for a detailed explanation about the textured flashlight editions.

Hidden Clues #6 The Textured Nancy Drew Flashlight Editions

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