Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Some Neat Nancy Drew Files Hardcover Library Editions

I have been building a set of Nancy Drew Files in hardcover library editions.  I began my search around five years ago.  These are my previous posts on this topic.

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This month I spotted an eBay listing with five of the Nancy Drew Files.  I clicked on the listing since the books looked as if they were hardcover. 

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I checked my list and found that #67 Nobody's Business was one of the 12 books that I needed in hardcover.  I then looked at the bottom edge of #47 Flirting with Danger.  It appeared to me that the book had a dust jacket.  Ooh.  I am very fortunate to have some Nancy Drew Girl Detective books rebound in that fashion.

I zoomed in on the seller's photo, and it looked like all five books had dust jackets.  Not only would I obtain one of the 12 hardcover books that I needed, I would also end up with a set of five books in a special format that I love.

The books arrived yesterday, and as expected, they have dust jackets.  The jackets are the original covers from the softcover books before they were rebound.  Each cover was removed from the text block.  The text block was rebound in a plain hardcover binding.  The cover was then turned into a jacket by attaching Tyvek paper to each end of the cover in order to create the flaps that would tuck inside the book.  

The library put the jackets in mylar covers which were then glued to the inside front and back covers of the books.  The library stickers were placed on the outside of the mylar covers (Yay!).  When I received the books, the glue attaching the jackets to the books had already failed.  It was very easy to remove the jackets from the books and then remove the dirty, yellowed, and scratched mylar covers.

The original covers, now dust jackets, are still shiny and just have some scattered minor imperfections.

I love this style, and I will be keeping all five books, even though four of them are titles that I already have in hardcover.

I am now down to needing just 11 of the Nancy Drew Files books in hardcover.

 70.  Cutting Edge
 85.  Sea of Suspicion
 91.  If Looks Could Kill
 92.  My Deadly Valentine
 98.  Island of Secrets
115.  Running into Trouble
118.  Betrayed by Love
120.  Dangerous Loves
122.  Strange Memories
123.  Wicked for the Weekend
124.  Crime at the Chat Cafe

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