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The Whitman Book Dilemma Part 2

This post contains the lists that I made of many Whitman books.  I grouped these books under a few headings as I worked towards making sense of the types of books published by Whitman.  The books listed here are primarily from the 2300 set, but some books are from years later.  These are not complete lists.  I avoided italics so that the titles are easier to read.

Authorized editions featuring a real person in a fictional story

    Sierra Summer
    The Desert Inn Mystery
    The Mystery at Moonstone Bay
    The Mystery at Smugglers' Cove
    Mystery at Medicine Wheel
Ann Rutherford and the Key to Nightmare Hall
Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx
Betty Grable and the House of Cobwebs
Betty Grable and the House with the Iron Shutters
Bonita Granville and the Mystery of Star Island
Deanna Durbin and the Adventure of Blue Valley
Deanna Durbin and the Feather of Flame
Dorothy Lamour and the Haunted Lighthouse
Gene Autry
    Gene Autry and the Thief River Outlaws
    Gene Autry and the Redwood Pirates
    Gene Autry and the Golden Ladder Gang
    Gene Autry and the Badmen of Broken Bow
    Gene Autry and the Big Valley Grab
    Gene Autry and the Golden Stallion
    Gene Autry and the Ghost Riders
    Gene Autry and the Arapaho War Drums
Gene Tierney and the Invisible Wedding Gift
Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak
Gregory Peck and the Red Box Enigma
Janet Lennon/Lennon Sisters
    Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers
    Janet Lennon and the Angels
    Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity
    Lennon Sisters: The Secret of Holiday Island
Jane Withers and the Hidden Room
Jane Withers and the Phantom Violin
Jane Withers and the Swamp Wizard
John Payne and the Menace of Hawk's Nest
Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume
Roy Rogers/Dale Evans
Shirley Temple and the Screaming Specter
Shirley Temple and the Spirit of Dragonwood
Van Johnson: The Luckiest Guy in the World

Also: Polly the Powers Model (features a girl from the John Robert Powers modeling agency)

Authorized editions based on comics

Blondie and Dagwood's Adventure in Magic
Blondie and Dagwood's Secret Service
Blondie and Dagwood's Snapshot Clue
The Blue Streak and Doctor Medusa
Boots and the Mystery of the Unlucky Vase
Brenda Starr Girl Reporter
Captain Midnight: Joyce of the Secret Squadron
Dick Tracy Ace Detective
Dick Tracy Meets the Night Crawler
Don Winslow and the Scorpions Stronghold
Invisible Scarlett O’Neil
Little Orphan Annie and the Gila Monster Gang
Nina and Skeezix: The Problem of the Lost Ring
Red Ryder and the Adventure at Chimney Rock
Red Ryder and the Riddle of Roaring Range
Red Ryder and the Thunder Trail
Rex King of the Deep
Smilin’ Jack and the Daredevil Girl Pilot
The Son of the Phantom
Terry and the Pirates Adventure: April Kane and the Dragon Lady
Tillie the Toiler and the Masquerading Duchess
Winnie Winkle and the Diamond Heirlooms

Standalone Books

April Kane and the Dragon Lady
The Lone Wolf and the Hidden Empire
The Long Rider and the Treasure of Vanished Men
Nancy Craig and the Fire Opal of Guatemala
Peggy Parker Girl Inventor
Quiz Kids and the Crazy Question Mystery
Rex Cole Jr. and the Grinning Ghost
Sylvia Sanders and the Tangled Web
Patty O’Neal on the Airways
Sandra of the Girl Orchestra
The Son of the Phantom

Fighters for Freedom Series

This is a set of standalone books marketed under the name "Fighters for Freedom Series."  

1.  Sally Scott of the Waves, Snell
2.  Barry Blake of the Flying Fortress, Du Bois
3.  Nancy Dale, Army Nurse, Radford
4.  Kitty Carter, Canteen Girl, Radford
5.  Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops, Duncan
6.  Norma Kent of the WACS, Snell
7.  March Anson and Scott Bailey of the U.S. Navy, Duncan
8.  Sparky Ames and Mary Mason of the Ferry Command, Snell
9.  Punch Davis of the U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Snell

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