Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Whitman Book Dilemma Part 4

This post contains lists of Whitman books that are fine to discuss in the Collecting Vintage Children's Series Books group.  Even though we now have a guideline to use when approving posts, Whitman books will continue to be a problem.  Whitman books have a certain appearance, which makes them all appear to go together.  I believe that most people view the Whitman books as a publisher's set of general children's books.  I sort of view them that way.

When we approve Whitman books that are from actual series, members who see all Whitman books as a publisher's set will unfortunately have their mistaken belief reinforced that all Whitman books are okay.  My hope is that we have to spend much less time discussing Whitman books in our moderator chat.  We're still going to have members submit Whitman books rather often that are inappropriate, but hopefully we can reject those books without having to go through lengthy discussions about what to do.

Whitman published many series books, probably far more than you realize.  All of these series are fine for the group.  I did not go to the trouble of listing the titles of the books.  I have only given the name of each series.

Whitman Series Books

Andy Lane
Bert Wilson
Blythe Girls
Bobby Blake
Bobbsey Twins
Brains Benton
Donna Parker
Fighters for Freedom Series
Five Little Peppers
Ginny Gordon
Hal Keen
Joy and Pam
Judy Jordan
Kim Aldrich
Mary Lee
Meg Duncan
Nurses Three
Outdoor Girls
Pee-wee Harris
Polly Brewster
Polly French
Power Boys
Rex Cole
Rip Foster
Robin Kane
Rover Boys
Rushton Boys
Great Marvel Series (Roy Rockwood)
Timber Trail Riders
Tom Slade
Tom Stetson
Tom Swift
Trixie Belden
Troy Nesbit
Trudy Phillips
The Tuckers
Walton Boys

To clarify, Fighters for Freedom Series consists of standalone stories grouped together and branded as a series.  We will not accept any other standalone books.  These books will be accepted because they are grouped together as the Fighters for Freedom series.  That name is on each dust jacket.

I feel that accepting the Fighters for Freedom books is highly problematic since a number of standalone Whitman books from the same period could be confused with them.  However, we will continue to accept them unless we decide that they are causing too much confusion.

1.  Sally Scott of the Waves, Snell
2.  Barry Blake of the Flying Fortress, Du Bois
3.  Nancy Dale, Army Nurse, Radford
4.  Kitty Carter, Canteen Girl, Radford
5.  Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops, Duncan
6.  Norma Kent of the WACS, Snell
7.  March Anson and Scott Bailey of the U.S. Navy, Duncan
8.  Sparky Ames and Mary Mason of the Ferry Command, Snell
9.  Punch Davis of the U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Snell

The rest of the books listed in this post are from series based on a real person set in a fictional story or based on the likeness of a real person set in a fictional story.  They are okay for the group and will remain okay until or unless we find that any of them are causing confusion.  I am uneasy about continuing to accept these books due how they will be confused with the authorized editions.  However, they are actual series, so we will continue to accept them.


    Sierra Summer
    The Desert Inn Mystery
    The Mystery at Moonstone Bay
    The Mystery at Smugglers' Cove
    Mystery at Medicine Wheel

Gene Autry

    Gene Autry and the Thief River Outlaws
    Gene Autry and the Redwood Pirates
    Gene Autry and the Golden Ladder Gang
    Gene Autry and the Badmen of Broken Bow
    Gene Autry and the Big Valley Grab
    Gene Autry and the Golden Stallion
    Gene Autry and the Ghost Riders
    Gene Autry and the Arapaho War Drums

Janet Lennon/Lennon Sisters

    Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers
    Janet Lennon and the Angels
    Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity
    Lennon Sisters: The Secret of Holiday Island

Roy Rogers

    The Gopher Creek Gunman
    The Raiders of Sawtooth Ridge
    The Ghost of Mystery Rancho
    The Outlaws of Sundown Valley
    The Rimrod Renegades

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