Friday, May 15, 2020

Sweet Dreams #67 I Believe in You and #68 Lovebirds

Sweet Dreams #67 I Believe in You, Barbara Conklin, 1984

For the first time in her life, Penny Snow isn't looking forward to her summer vacation in Oregon.  In the past, a visit to her grandfather's beautiful beach house meant lots of swimming, tennis, and carefree good times.  But this summer Penny's grandfather is moving to a rest home, so she has to help empty the house that holds so many memories.  And because of her recent accident, she's afraid to join in the fun the way she used to.

The only bright spot in Penny's summer is her friendship with Bill Davis, he grandfather's young helper.  He has faith in her and believes she can be active once again.  But is his love enough to overcome Penny's fears?

I did not find this book interesting, so I did not read it.

Sweet Dreams #68 Lovebirds, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1984

Tiffany hasn't seen her film-maker father in the two years since her parents' divorce.  So naturally she's uneasy when her mother suddenly announces she's remarrying and taking a long honeymoon, and Tiffany has to spend the time with her father.  For the next five weeks she'll be helping her dad shoot a wildlife film in the dusty Australian outback.  

Australia is the last place on earth Tiffany wants to be; she can't understand the way the people talk, she's brought all the wrong clothes, and her father keeps telling her that she's spoiled.  It looks as if the trip may turn out to be a disaster. 

Her one hope for fun is Bruce Dawson, the handsome guide for the trip.  But unless Tiffany can hold her own in the rugged outback, Bruce will never even notice her.  How can he prove herself and win his love, too?

I twice tried to read the book and wasn't interested either time.  Please understand that I will never get through this set if I make myself read every book.  If the book doesn't grab my attention fast, then I will go to the next book in the set.  That's my only hope.

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