Monday, May 11, 2020

Sweet Dream #65 The Two of Us and #66 Love Times Two

Sweet Dreams #65 The Two of Us, Janet Quin-Harkin, 1984

It's only the first week of classes, but Stephanie's already blown it with the in crowd of her new school.  She knows she would win their approval if she could just have one more chance.

What better way than to pose as her own twin sister and pass herself off as a rock singer?  It's a crazy scheme, but she pulls it off.  Sophisticated Stormy's an instant hit, and soon nobody even remembers boring old Stephanie.

Nobody except Charles.  He really seemed to care about Stephanie.  But what does he matter?  Isn't the glamour of being Stormy enough?

The story is very engaging, but I did skim parts after Stephanie becomes Stormy.  It's a stupid Jessica stunt, and Jessica stunts are only fun when done by Jessica Wakefield.  This is overall a very good book, despite Stephanie's stupidity.

Sweet Dreams #66 Love Times Two, Stephanie Foster, 1984

Twin sisters Claudia and Cassie are looking forward to their family vacation on Green Lake.  A whole month of boating, swimming, and exploring.  They're sure it's going to be a terrific vacation until they discover they've both fallen for the same boy.  And try as they might, neither one can help wondering whom T.J. will prefer—friendly, athletic Cassie or quiet, sensitive Claudia.  The girls have always been as close as two sisters can be.  Will that change if one of them wins T.J.'s love?

The story seems okay, but I wasn't that interested.  I read a couple chapters and then quit.

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