Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sweet Dreams #63 Kiss Me, Creep and #64 Love in the Fast Lane

Sweet Dreams #63 Kiss Me, Creep, 1984

Every girl at Cabrillo High has a crush on Richie Brennan—every girl, that is, except Joy Wilder.  Joy can't stand Richie's smug, conceited attitude or his stupid jokes, most of which are aimed directly at her.

The worst jokes are the romantic ones; Richie always kids Joy about being madly in love with her.  But one day she discovers that he's more serious than she thought.  Is Richie really a creep—or is he someone Joy can love?

This is the only Sweet Dreams book that I read as a teen.  Since I only read one Sweet Dreams book, I have little attachment to the books.  That's why my reaction is lukewarm to many of them.

I remember that I enjoyed this book years ago.  I did not like it as much this time.  The story is okay and very good in parts, but I didn't find it that compelling.

Sweet Dreams #64 Love in the Fast Lane, 1984

For as long as she could remember, Alison's life had revolved around her boyfriend, Marty.  She had even shared his interest in car racing—until he was killed in a tragic accident.  She didn't think she would ever get over him.  Then she met Billy Kendall.  Maybe he'd be able to open her heart to love again.

Instead Billy becomes a painful reminder of the past when Alison discovers his enthusiasm for motocross.   She can't ask Billy to stop racing, but she can't live with a heart full of fear, either.  Is she doomed once again to lose the boy she loves?

I did not find the beginning of the story to be very compelling, so I did not read this book.

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