Saturday, May 9, 2020

Arden Blake #2 The Mystery of Jockey Hollow by Cleo Garis

In The Mystery of Jockey Hollow, Arden, Sim, and Terry stay at Sim’s house.  Their friend, Dot Keene, joins them.  The girls learn about Sycamore Hall, which is to be torn down so that a highway can be built.  The old house is said to be haunted, and the demolition workers are constantly frightened away by strange sounds.

Elderly Mrs. Howe claims ownership of the old house, but she cannot find the will.  If the will can be found, then Mrs. Howe will receive money for the house.  Arden and her friends look for the will as they search for the cause of the mysterious events that have frightened the workers.

Page 87:

"Sim was not yet an expert driver and often went blocks out of her way to avoid turning."

As I mentioned in my previous review, I like the bits of realism included in Cleo Garis' books.  Most old series books depict the protagonist teenagers as excellent drivers.  It is a refreshing change to have a teenage driver still be learning how to drive well.

On page 161, the negro cook is referred to as a "slave."  "If you’re going down, would you mind having that little slave bring me up some coffee?"

This book is enjoyable.  It is better than the first book, although a bit odd in places.  For instance, towards the end of the story, the girls throw a Christmas party inside the house that is in the process of being torn down.  That’s a bit foolhardy. 

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