Thursday, August 9, 2018

Stars of Sabra and Mystery of the Empty Room by Augusta Seaman

In The Stars of Sabra, Penelope finds a old chest hidden in the foundation of her house.  The old chest contains a journal that details events that occurred during the Revolutionary War.  Penelope and her friends follow clues based on the journal entries and eventually find a valuable object that enables Penelope's father to purchase a piece of land that he has always wanted to own.

I have already stated that I tend not to like the Seaman stories where the journals feature actual historical figures.  I am more interested in the stories that feature completely fictitious people.  This book contains a large amount of information based on historical figures, and it all bored me.  For that reason, I did not enjoy this book.

In The Mystery of the Empty Room, Lois, her sister, and their guardian come to live with a family friend, known as Uncle Si.  Uncle Si sells antique furniture, and the entire house is full of furniture and lots of junk.  The girls gradually adjust and manage to clean up parts of the house.  Lois' sister, Jean, discovers an empty room on the second floor.  Uncle Si allows no one to enter the locked room.  He also owns a nearby cabin that is fully furnished and is kept locked.  The girls sense a mystery and decide to get to the bottom of it.

This is a very good book.

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