Sunday, August 5, 2018

Brass Keys of Kenwick and House in Hidden Lane by Augusta Seaman

In The Brass Keys of Kenwick, Audrey is an art student who plans to make a model of a house for a project.  She has chosen Miss Jenifer's house.  Audrey stays with the family next door and works on her model in a studio in Miss Jenifer's home.

Audrey and her new friends soon notice prowlers, then one night Miss Jenifer has a stroke.  It is believed that a sudden fright caused the stroke, and the young people believe that a prowler was the likely cause.  The young people try to discover what really happened in hope that the knowledge will help Miss Jenifer get well.

This is an overall excellent book.  I did not enjoy the last few chapters once I learned that Miss Jenifer's secret is based on actual historical figures.  By this point in my reading of Seaman's books, I had developed an aversion to that style of story.

The House in Hidden Lane contains two stories, both for younger children.

In "The House in Hidden Lane," the Tanner family stays in Aunt Abigail's home.  Aunt Abigail has tried to find a family treasure that is said to be hidden in the house.  The Tanner children search for the treasure.

In "Just Around Our Corner," Alma's family moves into a new house.  Two elderly ladies live next door, and they are shut-ins.  Around the corner is a rowdy family, and Alma quickly becomes friends with the children.  The elderly Cady sisters are a constant source of interest to the children, who notice some peculiar behavior.  The children soon have a chance to help the Cady sisters gain happiness.

Both of these stories are good, but they are not as satisfying as Seaman's full-length novels.

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