Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Listings on eBay and Etsy + Reasoning Behind High Prices

I have recently listed a large number of books on Etsy, including many this weekend.  I have listed Nancy Drew book club edition PCs, Norwegian Vicki Barr books, French Dana Girls books, Judy Bolton books with dust jackets, Nancy Drew books with dust jackets, Whitman books, scarce books by Florence Hightower, Cherry Ames, Golden Boys, and Nancy Drew softcover books.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I am also working on using up my August free listings on eBay.  In order to help accomplish this, I moved some books from Etsy to eBay.  The prices did go up.  I am quite aware that my first printing The Clue in the Diary with dust jacket might be overpriced.  I don't dare start it lower.

A certain person who buys and sells on eBay deliberately tries to hurt other sellers, and I don't wish to deal with him.  First printing Nancy Drew books with dust jackets are among the books that this person desires for inventory.  I have this person blocked on three IDs, but if he wants one of my listings, he will simply use another ID.  For that reason, I start books that this person might want at higher than I think he would be willing to pay so that I hopefully keep him away from me.  I then gradually lower the price until the book sells to someone who hopefully wants it for their collection.

I don't mind people buying from me to resell; I do mind people buying from me to resell while trying to hurt me through feedback.  I don't understand why some people want to hurt their own suppliers, but I wish to stay away from them for obvious reasons.

The books I moved to eBay are generally more expensive books that I think will be more likely to sell on eBay.  I also listed some Hardy Boys books with jackets and Nancy Drew original text picture covers.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

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