Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sppoksville #14 The Evil House, #15 Invasion of the No-Ones, and #16 Time Terror

In Spooksville #14, The Evil House, on Halloween night the children are out trick-or-treating when Adam decides that he wants to check out Evil House.  The others insist that no one who has entered Evil House has ever come back out, but Adam won't back down. The children enter Evil House, find a stairway to the basement, and become trapped in a carnival full of all of the people who have ever entered Evil House.

In this mysterious place, everyone has become the character their costume represents.  Unfortunately, Bryce and Sally are dressed as vampires, and they want to drink the blood of their friends.  Can Adam find a way out before someone gets killed?

This is a very good book that is quite suspenseful.

In Spooksville #15, Invasion of the No-Ones, strange balls of light appear near Spooksville. The children's new friend, Tira, seems to lead them to the balls of light.  Adam is touched by one of the balls.  Adam appears to be okay, except that he insists that nothing has happened, like the ball of light never touched him.  The others fear that Adam has been changed somehow.  Even more concerning, Tira suddenly disappears.  Will the others be attacked by the balls of light?

I greatly enjoyed this book.

In Spooksville #16, Time Terror, Adam and his friends find a strange toy in the alley near the movie theater.  The children touch the toy and are sent back in time.  Watch figures out what happened and gets them back to the present.  Sally decides to take the toy home, and she uses it with Adam.  The other children are forced to find a way to help Sally and Adam make it back to the present.

This is a good book.

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