Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Christopher Pike The Midnight Club and The Lost Mind

In The Midnight Club, Rotterham is a hospice for teenagers who have fatal illnesses.  A small group of teens in the hospice form the Midnight Club. They meet nightly and tell each other scary and crazy stories.  The teens experience love and loss as each one awaits the end.

The cover art and synopsis of this book are completely misleading.  The cover art shows extremely attractive, healthy teens, but in the story, the teens are near death and look quite sick.  The synopsis makes the book sound like a horror novel, but it is not that at all.  This is a thoughtful novel about teens who are facing death and must come to terms with it.  The story is also quite depressing.  After all, every character will die.

In Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror #2, Pike remarks, "I still don't understand why my publishers put scary covers on my books.  Once I would like to see a beautiful painting under my name."

That would have been more appropriate for this particular book, but it probably would have sold fewer copies.

From page 106:
"Mary had been really popular at school, but lost it.  The year before she was a cheerleader and had every guy in school asking her out.  But at the end of the year she was at a party and got real drunk.  Driving home in her father's huge semi, she smashed into a car holding six guys from the football team—including the quarterback—and wasted them all."

"Wait a second," Ilonka said.  "Her father loaned her his semi to go to a party?"

"Exactly," Spence said.  "He knew about his daughter's drinking.  He figured if she crashed into something in his semi she wouldn't get hurt. And she didn't get a scratch, although she did destroy the heart of the football team.
Even though the story is in very bad taste, I had to laugh at the absurdity of Mary driving a semi to a party.

For me, this is a below average Christopher Pike book, mainly because it depressed me.

In The Lost Mind, Jenny wakes up in the woods next to a dead girl.  She can't remember anything and has no idea who killed the girl. Jenny worries that she might have done it. Jenny finds a car nearby and in it her driver's license. She still can't remember anything, but at least she is able to find her way home.

The body in the woods turns out to be Jenny's best friend, and Jenny is the prime suspect for her murder.  Jenny still can't remember anything, but she must find a way to defend herself against a charge of murder for which she hopes she is not guilty.

This is a pretty good book.

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