Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Christopher Pike The Listeners and The Cold One

In The Listeners, FBI agent David Conner has been asked to investigate the Listeners, a channeling group that has knowledge of highly classified information.  David quickly falls in love with Lucy, who is a member of the group along with her twin sister.  Too late, David learns that the group has tapped into an ancient evil that is growing in power.

The entire first half of the book consists almost entirely of an excessive amount of background information.  The reader doesn't need to know about David's entire life history in extreme detail. The second half of the story finally gets to the point and should have been expanded into the entire book.

Parts of the second half of the story are easy to guess by anyone who has read Pike's young adult book, Spellbound.  There are some obvious parallels to that story.

The first half of the book is boring, and the second half is good but rather unsatisfying.

In The Cold One, journalist Peter Jacobs receives an anonymous phone call from someone who knows inside information about a series of grisly murders.  Peter suddenly finds himself in the middle of the case.

This is a pretty good book and does not have as much filler as Pike's other adult novels.  It was supposed to have a sequel, but that book was never written.

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