Sunday, June 4, 2017

Christopher Pike Road to Nowhere and The Eternal Enemy

In Road to Nowhere, Teresa is running away from home.  She picks up two hitchhikers, Poppy Corn and Freedom Jack.  Poppy and Jack alternate telling Teresa the story of Candy and John while Teresa tells them her own sad story. The various stories take up most of the text of the book.  In the end, the stories end up becoming a strange moral tale.

This was a book that I never read years ago since it was published during the time that I began to lose interest in Pike's books.

It is hard to remember this story weeks after reading it because the entire story is so convoluted.

I enjoyed the ending.

In The Eternal Enemy, Rela has purchased a new VCR.  She sets the VCR to record a movie, but it instead records the news—the future news.  Rela learns about future deaths, and she cannot help but try to prevent them.  She then learns of her own murder and must try to prevent it from happening.

I did read this book years ago, and at that time, it was not dated.  It now is, because the book is full of culture references that date it tremendously, including VCRs that cost $300-400 and Blockbuster Video.

This is another crazy Pike book, especially crazy for the 1990s, since it involves time-traveling robots that were once humans.  The idea of humans becoming robots is less far-fetched now than it was 20 years ago, since technology has advanced greatly in recent years.

I enjoyed this book.

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